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For schools

How much do we know about the world of the blind? How do they perceive the world around them? What professions are available to them? Do they see dreams?

Children will receive answers to these and other questions by visiting our interactive space Invisible World, where they will be immersed in a world of absolute darkness accompanied by a blind guide.


After the tour, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the daily lives of blind people.

Explaining to a child the need for vision care in the digital age is not easy, but it is possible. The key is to find the right approach.

How it happens?

Groups till 30 pers. goes same time, we split kids into 3 or 4 groups by 8-10 persons each group.

Neredzamā Pasaule
panakumu universitate.jpg

Šis ir stāsts par toleranci, par iejūtīgu un līdzcilvēcīgu attieksmi vienam pret otru. Noteikti iesakām arī citām klasēm doties uz neredzamo pasauli, lai izmantotu savas maņas. Ieraudzītu savu iekšējo pasauli, lai novērtētu to, kas mums katram ir dots.

Special offer for schools:

18 Eur\pers. - working days and 19 Eur\pers. - weekends

teachers and parents are for free

(Ticket price can be partially or fully be covered via "Latvijas skolas soma" state program

Book an excursion,
by filling out the application form

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