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About us

My name is Maksim Mihejev, and I am the creator of the "Invisible World" project. I've been dreaming about my own business for a long time, I had various ideas until I came to the right one. In 2019, I created "Invisible world". My first experience with a similar project was during a visit to Moscow, where a similar interactive business in the darkness was created in a shopping center. I was shocked that such a simple idea could make such a big impact. I realized that the daily problems of sighted people are insignificant. I felt strong emotions and my stereotypes about blind people were completely shattered. I had previously thought that such people were helpless because they had no vision. Later, I found out that these people work as architects, programmers, climb mountains... I wanted to offer similar experience I faced others at home as well.

"The Invisible World" is not just about blind people. We have social goals including increasing tolerance and breaking stereotypes, as well as inspiring. Any person is capable of anything and there are no limitations. Even if you can't see, you can still achieve and achieve anything! Maybe all the obstacles are only in our head? You can always find a way out and adapt to conditions in any environment, even in the dark. See for yourself!


The company "Invisible World" is

+ received social enterprise status,

+ ALTUM EU grant

+ and also graduated from the "New Door" social entrepreneurship accelerator,

+ "Antistartup" accelerator and

+ won recognition in the SEB bank grant competition for social business ideas "Tam labam būs augt 2020",

+ and also made it to the final "Tam labam būs augt 2022"

+ and final "Augšup 2022"



To provide visitors with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of their feelings and feelings, as well as to make sure that even in a completely new environment you can find positive moments. The task of the Museum in the Dark is to destroy stereotypes about blind people and to promote the development of tolerance in Latvian society.

The Ministry of Welfare:
Social Entrepreneurship Week

From November 30 to December 6, 2020, as part of the Social Entrepreneurship Week organized by the Ministry of Welfare, there was an opportunity to see a story about our museum “Watch with my heart” on TV3 Life, YouTube,, as well as on the Ministry of Welfare Facebook page.

We are visited by: 

The Ministry of Welfare:
Social Entrepreneurship Week

SIA IW since the signing of the grant agreement on October 12, 2020, has been implementing a business project financed by the European Social Fund operational program Growth and employment: 9.1.1. of the specific support objective Increase the inclusion of the unemployed in a disadvantaged situation in the labor market; of the event Support for social entrepreneurship; no. Within the framework of


The business project is aimed at the development of tolerance between the sighted and the blind with the aim of breaking down communication barriers between healthy people and people with special needs, promoting the integration of people with visual disabilities into society, employing people with visual impairments, promoting the development of emotional intelligence and understanding about health.

  • Business project No.: SU0000175

  • Grant agreement No.: 244702/SU0000175

  • Place of implementation of the business project: SIA IW, Ķengaraga 1a, Riga, LV-1063

  • Duration of business project implementation: 12 months

  • Total financing of the ESF (European Social Fund) business project: EUR 49,990.00

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