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Overcoming difficulties together, especially in a new and unusual environment, it's unites the team! Therefore, our "Invisible world" is a great format for team building events.

At the client's request, the tour can be supplemented with tasks aimed at facilitating group communication or understanding of disability.

If the team is large, the participants will be divided into smaller groups, but the common sense of experience will not disappear, because such an experience is unique.

It is possible to organize a coffee break in the museum premises.

It's more fun together!

A unique experience


Darkness puts your team into very unsual situation that reveals dynamics and provides purposeful communication.


Blind guides

Our guides accompany you in this process, answering all questions, ensuring your well-being and safety, while you complete the tasks.

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"Šonedēļ mūsu komanda devās uz neredzamā pasaule – vietu, kur piedzīvot unikālu iespēju ieklausīties savās sajūtās. Iejutāmies neredzīgo cilvēku ikdienā un sapratām, cik daudz lietu pieņemam par pašsaprotamām.

Šī bija vērtīga komandas kopābūšanas pieredze!"

Unforgettable team building event: 


Min q-ty: 4 pers.

Prices from 50 Eur\pers., starting from 400 Eur per event:

+ 3 hours of unforgettable event that unites your team 

+ event organizer

+ 3 special tasks & concert in darkness

+ 3 guides that helps you in darkness

+ completed tasks discussion

+ coffee break

And... we offer interactive entertainment in the darkness indoors and outdoors!

Walking with mask on eyes

A person is given the opportunity to put himself in the place of blind people, blindfolded and with a white cane, they follow the path where various obstacles have been created that must be overcome.

Interactive tasks for the senses

Familiar and everyday objects, sounds and smells tend to be less recognizable in the dark. A person is faced with various tasks in the dark, blindfolded, under the supervision of other blind guides. In each task, visitors experience what a blind person experiences in a given environment.

Your interactive room in your office


We will equip a room where you can perform various interactive tasks on the senses in the darkness.

If you will not like it, we will make refund

We have 10 unforgettable programs events to offer

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