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#close your eyes and see

Do you remember when last time really wondered about something? When, you visited a new site and suggested it to friends, because the experience was so surprising? We would like to invite you to visit a very unusual place, which exposure is immersed in absolute darkness - you can't see it, but you can feel it!


Excursions in the darkness are conducted by blind guides. They are very different, but everyone has one common trait - a positive view of the world. In our specialty museum you will find out whether the blind person can see dreams, or is it true that they are counting steps to cross the road, and many other interesting facts about the peculiarities of darkness.


90 minutes


1-8 persons


240 m2 area


Blind guides



Excursion in the dark

Familiar and understandable objects, sounds and smells tend to get unexpected and intriguing features in the dark.


Are you prepared to learn to trust your feelings?

From 12 EUR\pers.

korporativie pasakumi, saliediešanas, team building, neredzama pasaule, muzejs tumsa, tumsā

Corporate events

Overcoming difficulties together, especially in a new and unusual environment, it's unites the team!

Therefore, we have great formats for team building events.


Please contact us


Date in the dark

On dating, we care very much about the impression we're creating. Now there's a place in this city where you can get to know each other better.


The secret of this place is simple - darkness. You will have to obey each other and trust each other.

90 EUR for 2 pers.

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Bizness training in darkness

A ready-made unique training space creates conditions for complete immersion and 100% involvement in the training topic by limiting one of the main organs of information perception - vision.

Exercises and tasks that seemed simple to the team under normal conditions take on new facets and shades in the dark, allowing them to reveal the potential of the group and its individual members in a new way.


Please contact us


Excursions for schools

How much do we know about the world of the blind? How do they perceive the world around them? What professions are available to them?


Do they see dreams?

12 Eur\kid and adults for free


Feel your city

A tour in your hometown, along familiar streets and parks, but now it's all without help of vision. 

Everyone will have now unique opportunity to feel your city via the senses: touch, smell and even taste.


From 45\EUR\pers.

Reviews about excursions

Everything happened in absolute darkness, to "see" something you had to use your senses - touch, hearing and smell, as well as use your imagination. The duration of the tour was 1.5 hours, which was led by a blind guide.
It was an invaluable experience of the senses, I really recommend to visit and experience it all.

The fingertips seemed to become a little more sensitive to various sensations. I feel safer now moving in the dark.

It took a while to get used to not seeing with your eyes open.
A deeper reflection on how the world is still poorly adapted for people with disabilities.

~ Katrina

~ Diana

~ Liga

Some rules for visiting us

We have adapted our tours to reduce contact between the guide and the group.

It is possible to visit the us only by booking in advance.

We have our own separate ventilation system.

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European Social Fund project "Support for social entrepreneurship"

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Ķengaraga Street 1A, Riga, Latvia

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The purpose of the project is: to determine and test optimal solutions for the creation and development of social enterprises, including the support of work integration social enterprises, in order to increase the employment opportunities for disadvantaged unemployed people, persons with disabilities and persons with mental disorders.